Past Small Cap Profiles

  • Clean Energy Technologies Inc. (CETY)

    Clean Energy Technologies Inc. (CETY)

  • IFAN Financial Inc. (IFAN)

    IFAN Financial Inc. (IFAN)

  • Defense Technologies International (DTII)

    Defense Technologies International (DTII)

  • NightFood Holdings Inc (NGTF)

    NightFood Holdings Inc (NGTF)

  • Friendable Inc. (FDBL)

    Friendable Inc. (FDBL)

  • Green Polkadot Box Inc. (GPDB)

    Green Polkadot Box Inc. (GPDB)

  • Pressure Biosciences Inc (PBIO)

    Pressure Biosciences Inc (PBIO)

  • Multimedia Platforms Inc. (MMPW)

    Multimedia Platforms Inc. (MMPW)

  • Petrone Worldwide (PFWI)

    Petrone Worldwide (PFWI)

  • APT Systems Inc. (APTY)

    APT Systems Inc. (APTY)

  • Upper Street Marketing

    Upper Street Marketing

  • Guardian 8 Holdings (GRDH)

    Guardian 8 Holdings (GRDH)



  • Soul and Vibe Interactive (SOUL)

    Soul and Vibe Interactive (SOUL)

  • Virtus Oil and Gas Corp (VOIL)

    Virtus Oil and Gas Corp (VOIL)

  • Maple Leaf Green World Inc (MGW.V) / MPEFF

    Maple Leaf Green World Inc (MGW.V) / MPEFF

  • Spiral Toys Inc. (STOY)

    Spiral Toys Inc. (STOY)

  • Yappn Corp(YPPN)

    Yappn Corp(YPPN)

  • Beamz Interactive Inc.(BZIC)

    Beamz Interactive Inc.(BZIC)

  • Nutrafuels Inc. (NTFU)

    Nutrafuels Inc. (NTFU)

  • SmartMetric Inc (SMME)

    SmartMetric Inc (SMME)

  • Vega Biofuels Inc. (VGPR)

    Vega Biofuels Inc. (VGPR)

  • Maryjane Group Inc. (MJMJ)

    Maryjane Group Inc. (MJMJ)

  • Greenplex Services Inc (GRPX)

    Greenplex Services Inc (GRPX)

  • KM Wedding Events Management (KMWE)

    KM Wedding Events Management (KMWE)

  • Viking Investment Gp Inc. (VKIN)

    Viking Investment Gp Inc. (VKIN)

  • STL Marketing Group Inc. (STLK)

    STL Marketing Group Inc. (STLK)

  • Star Gold Corp.(SRGZ)

    Star Gold Corp.(SRGZ)

  • Players Network (PNTV)

    Players Network (PNTV)

  • Gilla Inc.(GLLA)

    Gilla Inc.(GLLA)

  • Intelligent Highway Solutions Inc (IHSI)

    Intelligent Highway Solutions Inc (IHSI)

  • Bioasis Technologies Inc.(BTI.V/ BIOAF)

    Bioasis Technologies Inc.(BTI.V/ BIOAF)

  • Majesco Entertainment Company (COOL)

    Majesco Entertainment Company (COOL)

  • Sanuwave Health Inc (SNWV)

    Sanuwave Health Inc (SNWV)

  • Chembio Diagnostics Inc (CEMI)

    Chembio Diagnostics Inc (CEMI)

  • DNA Brands Inc (DNAX)

    DNA Brands Inc (DNAX)

  • StrikeForce Technologies Inc.(SFOR)

    StrikeForce Technologies Inc.(SFOR)

  • Creative Learning Corp. (CLCN)

    Creative Learning Corp. (CLCN)

  • SilverCrest Mines Inc. (SVLC)

    SilverCrest Mines Inc. (SVLC)