Real Brands Inc. (RLBD)

Real Brands Inc. (RLBD)

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RLBD Business Summary

Real Brands, Inc. (RLBD) is a publicly held company. The Company’s strategy is to build brands and is currently focusing on consumer products brand development and marketing in the legal hemp and cannabis industry. Real Brands, Inc. currently has a super majority controlling equity interest in Omega Hemp Water trademarks and intellectual properties. For additional information go to

Real Brands Inc. (RLBD) Trade Details

  • Last Trade: 0.041
  • Change: -0.008
  • Change in %: -16.497%
  • Open: 0.050
  • High: 0.130
  • Low: 0.005
  • Volume: 70917
Real Brands Inc. (RLBD)
Real Brands Inc. (RLBD)

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